Friday, January 31, 2014


Money for rent, food, clothing, taxes, vehicle payments, insurance, wants, needs, and in this world of unlimited want, the list could continue exponentially. Almost every person, uses money whether it is for goods or services. We can spend cash or cut a check or introduce credit, the easy purchase now with payment later. Now, on top of all the wants and needs there is this pesky little problem called interest. Yes! I said interest. If you think I am kidding, you might just be wrong. Interest has this way of adding up over time to the point of debt. Debt is not uncommon and it is not a new philosophical term. It means you owe someone money that you may not have. This blog is designed with you in mind. I am ready to help you to reach that point of financial success! Here is the time to get a hold on your financial situation, to get ahead, and to make each and every dollar count, literally!

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