Friday, February 14, 2014

Benjamin Franklin: Entrepreneur #1

Benjamin Franklin
Through great success and determination, Ben Franklin, was more than just “That guy who flew a kite with a key attached”. Ben Franklin was a businessman, and inventor, and a guy who supported the country’s independence. Franklin worked to shape the many programs the world puts to use today. Franklin used his willpower to own his own print shop, publish many wise sayings, establish a fire department, police force, public library and so much more!
Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston on January 17, 1706 to Abia Folger and Josiah Franklin. Franklin was the tenth child of a very poor family and had to learn early on, how to make money. At the age of twelve, Franklin, became restless, but showed a desire to read and work with books. His father, seeing this in Ben, sent him to work with his 21-year-old brother in a print-shop. Franklin, at the age of sixteen, was responsible for writing many articles under a pen name. After much feuding in the family, Franklin, set out to make his own life and live his dreams. Franklin, traveled to Philadelphia in search of work, and even though he appeared tattered, his brains landed him a fully financed print shop so he could print for the governor. He soon established the favor of many highly noted people. Within a short time, Franklin, was able to start printing Pennsylvania's currency and thus his career as a businessman was established.
When Franklin would see a need, he would work to find a solution to the problem. In doing so, he would also find ways to help other people out. One of his first community accomplishments was in creating a fire department, police force, and a library for others to use. These improvements are still in practice today with some modifications, but the attitude towards the good deeds is still recognized today. Franklin, also gave back to the community through his wise saying in his many publications. One example is of the Poor Richard’s Almanac, which is filled with tidbits of information and a section of Franklin’s sayings. In 1776, Benjamin Franklin, was known for being a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Because, Franklin believed in business and the well-being of the people, he made it a priority to be free from the control Brittain had on what is now known as the United States.
Benjamin Franklin, was an outstanding leader in more ways than one. He showed great amounts of servitude and intelligence when he worked. He showed people that hard work and determination can bring success, and that when you hit a rough spot you should persevere through it. Make the opportunities, and learn how to conduct yourself in ways that will benefit yourself and others.

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